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Cross Your Eyes & Dot Your T's


A selection of risograph prints created during an artist residency at Out of the Blueprint in Leith. I continued a body of research surrounding Dyslexia, which was based on my own experience and further first hand research with others including interviews and workshops. I used the risograph in a way which reflected a different way of thinking, pushing the risograph to it’s logical and illogical conclusions. This included scowbling (scanning and wobbling the image simultaneously), making spag bol out of elastic bands, printing on the same piece of paper 56 times and making a pineapple out of toothpicks. 



4th June – 21st July

The Drill Hall

36 Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh, EH6 8RG 

Spag bol 2.jpg
Queen wah.jpg
Mind map.jpg
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