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A Different Way of Brain Processing: Dyslexia


This collection of books, ‘A Different Way of Brain Processing: Dyslexia’ gives a broader understanding of dyslexia, celebrating its diversity rather than seeing it as solely a disability. By considering both the strengths and challenges dyslexia can create, I aim to encourage and inspire those with dyslexia, as well as inform those around them. The books were informed by face to face interviews, current research, questionaires and my personal experience. Dyslexics often have an alternative perspective on the world. Instead of trying to make children less dyslexic, we should aim to be better at being dyslexic :)

Society’s general understanding of dyslexia predominantly focuses on problems with reading and writing. Dyslexia, however, is far more multi-faceted than this, with an abundance of additional characteristics shaping how dyslexic minds work. While dyslexia can create difficulties at school and into adulthood, it can also provide people with different strengths and skills, which are often overlooked. As with all neurodiversities, Dyslexia presents itself uniquely in individuals meaning it’s important to find out these individual differences. The emotional effects of Dyslexia (or undiagnosed Dyslexia) can contribute to the experience hugely. Throughout my project I have found a combination of sharing stories and experiences combined with recent research within the area helps to understand the bigger picture of Dyslexia.

If you are interested in reading about the Creative Dyslexia workshops I run please see here.

Wiggle Wonderland Pavilion 

Wiggle Wonderland is a touring pavilion and exhibition space shaped by artists and communities, founded by architectural designer Beau McCarthy and artist Lucy Grainge. It was launched at Brainchild Festival 2021, supported by Arts Council England and Brainchild, and in 2022 became a Community Interest Company. The pavilion has been to Honilands Primary School in colaboration with DYSPLA, London Festival of Architecture 2022, National Memorial Arboretum with Wild Rumpus and London Design Festival 2023 with All In Awe.

More info here

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Wiggle Wonderland
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