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Impact Arts

For 4 years I worked at Impact Arts in Glasgow as a Creative Lead and Assistant on a variety of projects. 

I worked on the Creative Pathways programme, a course for 16-18 year olds to help them develop skills and confidence for employment through creative activities including sewing, upcycling, painting murals, graphic design and more.

I also worked at the Craft Cafe Govan, a social and creative environment where older people age 60+ can learn new skills, renew social networks and reconnect with their communities. The activities we facilitated encouraged self direction by participants, to harness the joy of creativity, artistic expression, experimentation and learning.

While I was at the Craft Cafe projects I directed included exploring what sport and being active meant to the members, now and when they were children, which responded to and was funded by
 the European Championships in Glasgow. We delivered intergenerational projects with local youth groups and the Craft Cafe had a solo show at Tramway. It was a very special place to work and an inspiring example how positive and powerful utilising a permanent arts space can be, and the transforming effects community arts can have on wellbeing. As Annie (Craft Cafe member) says here 'This place is an antidote to loneliness'.

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craft cafe insta8-113.jpg
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